Custody & Access

Parenting Plan Sample 1

Custody to One Parent, Access to the Other Parent


Anita Jean Jones will have custody of the children, Jane Marie Jones and John Martin Jones, and their primary residence will be with her.


Mark Allen Jones will have access to the children as set out below:
  • on alternate weekends, beginning after school on Friday until 8 pm on Sunday or 8 pm Monday if the Monday is a statutory holiday
  • for two weeks during the summer, as agreed upon between the parties no later than May 15 of each year
  • from 4 pm December 24 until 4 pm December 31 in even-numbered years
  • for one week during the Easter school break in odd-numbered years, exact dates and times to be agreed upon between the parties no later than 4 weeks before Good Friday
  • from 7 pm on the Saturday immediately before Father’s Day until 8 pm on Father’s Day if the children are not otherwise in Mark’s care. Similarly, when Mother’s Day falls during an access weekend, the children will be returned to Anita’s care by 8 pm on the Saturday immediately before Mother’s Day.
  • the children will have contact with each parent on their birthday, and the birthday of each of their parents, for at least 3 hours if they are not otherwise in that parent’s care on those days
  • the parents will share duties to provide transportation for access purposes with Mark providing transportation at the beginning of the access period and Anita providing transportation at the end of the access period

Information Sharing

The parents will share all information related to significant events in the children’s daily lives with one another in a timely fashion.

Children’s Surname

The children’s surname will remain unchanged and neither party shall make an application under The Change of Name Act or any similar legislation to change the children’s surname without the written consent of the other parent.

Major Decisions

Anita will inform Mark of any major decisions affecting the children and will consider the input and opinion of Mark notwithstanding that Anita has the final authority to make such decisions.

Guiding Principles

The parents agree that they intend to be guided by the following principles relating to custody, access and residency of the children:
  • in the case of any dispute or conflict relating to the children, the needs of the children shall be paramount
  • the parents shall engage in all possible practical efforts to actively foster and facilitate the relationship between the children and the other parent and members of their extended family
  • the parents shall refrain from any subtle or open criticism of the other parent or members of their extended family in the presence of the children
  • the parents will not rely on the children to communicate information to one another
  • the parents will not interfere with the lives of each other and will not schedule activities for the children during periods in which the children are in the care of the other parent without consultation with the other parent