Custody & Access

Parenting Plan Sample 2

Joint Custody with Primary Residence to One Parent

  1. The parents, Terry Nelson and Leslie Nelson, will have joint custody of their children, Kyla Dawn Nelson and Brady Ray Nelson.
  2. The children shall live primarily with Terry.
  3. The children shall live with Leslie overnight every Tuesday, from after school through their return to school the next day. The children shall also reside with Leslie every other weekend from after school on Friday until Monday morning when they return to school.
  4. If the parents cannot agree on a way to share some time with the children on their birthdays, the children will spend their birthday with whichever parent they are living with according to their regular schedule.
  5. The children will spend spring break with each parent on alternating years, beginning with Terry this year. The children will also spend Christmas break with each parent on alternating years, beginning with Leslie this year. Each parent will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the children in their care will have an opportunity to see the other parent for some time on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
  6. The children will spend at least 3 weeks and not more than one-half of the summer holiday with Leslie.
  7. While the children are in the care of one parent the children can, and are encouraged to, have contact by telephone, text, email, etc. with the other parent whenever they wish.
  8. The parents will share information with each other regularly regarding the children’s general well-being and other important matters such as their education, health and social activities.
  9. The parents may both attend parent-teacher interviews and team meetings for extra-curricular activities.
  10. The parents will provide each other with current contact information and notify each other of any changes without delay.
  11. Terry will keep important documents related to the children, such as birth certificates, health cards, SIN cards, and passports and make them or information from them available to Leslie as required.
  12. The parents will equally share the authority to make all major decisions in the children’s lives.
  13. The parents agree that in the event of a dispute regarding the children or this agreement they will try to resolve the dispute with the assistance of a third party, such as a mediator, before asking a court to resolve the matter. The parents further agree to share the costs of such mediation, or other court alternative, equally.