Custody & Access

Parenting Plan Sample 3

Joint Custody with Shared Residency

  1. The parents, Christine Henry and Jay George will have joint custody of their child, John Henry George, with his residence to be shared equally between them.
  2. John will be co-parented by and reside with each parent on an alternating weekly basis. The parent having custody will deliver John to his daycare on Monday morning where he will be picked up by the other parent after daycare.
  3. Christmas and Easter breaks will be shared equally and arranged so that John will be with one parent the first Easter Sunday and the other parent the first Christmas Day and alternate each year after that.
  4. Each parent will have authority to make all day-to-day decisions affecting John while he is that parent’s care. However, Christine will have the final authority over decisions relating to education, daycare, religious instruction and non-emergency medical and dental care.
  5. Each parent will be entitled to obtain information regarding John directly from his caregivers, including individuals such as teachers, doctors, counsellors and coaches.
  6. When one parent is required to be absent from the home during their parenting week, or part of, they will offer the other parent the care of the child in preference to extended family, friends or others.
  7. Neither parent will remove John from the Province of Saskatchewan without the written permission of the other parent and neither parent will unreasonably withhold such permission.
  8. Neither parent will change their place of residence without giving the other parent at least 30 days written notice.
  9. Neither party will smoke in the presence of John or knowingly expose him to second-hand smoke.